General Description and Program Goals

The Doctor of Ministry degree is the highest professional doctoral degree available for gospel ministry. It aims to enrich leaders, deepen their understanding of and commitment to ministry, and combine deep theological study with practical ministry application. The focus of DMin is Transformational Leadership which builds new skills and understand your church to see possibilities for transformative change.


Program Learning Outcomes

Westminster’s integrated training will enhance your ability to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret and preach the Bible using sound hermeneutical principles and exegetical methods. PLO 1)
  • Deepen theological reflection to strengthen the relationship between doctrine and the practice of ministry. PLO 2)
  • Demonstrate biblical principles of leadership in order to serve the church humbly and effectively. PLO 3)
  • Teach and apply the whole counsel of God in real-world situations in life and ministry. PLO 4)


Degree Requirements: 40 units

The program is a minimum of three years in length and oral defense of a Professional Dissertation Project.

The Doctor of Ministry requires 32 units of course work comprised of biblical studies, theological & historical studies, biblical languages, leadership, educational studies, practical theology, intercultural studies and 8 units of dissertation.


Core 3 classes: 12 units

  • BT799_Colloquium (Introduction and Orientation) / 4 units
  • BT701_Hermeneutics and Exegesis / 4 units
  • DS701_Preparation for Dissertation / 4 units

Advanced Foundation 3 classes: 12 units

  • PT751_Theology and Practices of Pastoral Ministry in Own Church Context / 4 units
  • PT715_Preparation and Delivery of Biblical Preaching / 4 units
  • PT791_Project in Ministry Design Workshop¬†/ 4 units

 Elective 2 Classes: 8 units

  • PT722_Biblical Exegesis and Preaching in New Testament II / 4 units
  • PT726_Biblical Exegesis and Preaching in Old Testament II / 4 units
  • PT763_Church Planting, and Application in Own Church Context / 4 units
  • PT781_Research Strategies and Writings / 4 units
  • PT711_Expository Preaching / 4 units
  • Seminar for Doctoral Degree I / 4 units
  • Seminar for Doctoral Degree II / 4 units

Dissertation (8units)

  • DS701_Dissertation for D. Min. / 8units