General Description and Program Goals

The Doctor of Ministry is an advanced professional program for those persons already successfully engaged in Christian ministry. The program is designed to enhance professional competence in the practice of ministry, to provide opportunity for the renewal of the minister’s personal and spiritual life, and to stimulate growth in ministry.

The Doctor of Ministry program seeks to equip students with practical knowledge and skills for pastoral ministry with increased competence and effectiveness. Through 53units of in-depth study of theology and ministry, students are spiritually and intellectually renewed, grow personally, and develop ministry skills to better serve the Korean Christian community.

The Doctor of Ministry degree program seeks to:

  • Provide an evangelical field oriented learning environment where professionals in ministry can learn from instructors and from their peers in ministry;
  • Provide ministerial field opportunity to increase professional effectiveness in their ministry;
  • Provide the opportunity to explore significant biblical, theological, and ministry themes as issues relative to current ministries;
  • Facilitate the development of increased leadership effectiveness;
  • Examine ministerial context and skill and develop in their ministry; and
  • Provide the opportunity to develop ministerial foundation in a chosen area though the process of the Professional Dissertation Project.


Learning outcomes

Upon completing this degree, students will be able to:

  • articulate mature philosophy of pastoral ministry
  • articulate a broad and critical knowledge of contemporary challenges in ministry
  • demonstrate expertise in a particular area of ministry
  • demonstrate advanced-level of ministry skills
  • demonstrate the ability to use standard research methods and tools in the chosen field of ministry
  • demonstrate the enhanced spirituality for pastoral ministry


Degree Requirements: 53 units

The program is a minimum of three years in length and requires the completing of seven (four semester hour) on-campus courses plus the completion and oral defense of a Professional Dissertation Project.

The Doctor of Ministry requires 45 units of course work comprised of 3 units of orientation, 36 units of biblical studies, theological & historical studies, biblical languages, leadership, educational studies, practical theology, 6 units of open electives, and 8 units of dissertation.


  • Units to be completed as follows: 53 units

SM851_Doctoral Studies Colloquium (3units)
SM853_Dissertation Seminar (3units)
LD703_Developing Christian Leaders (3units)
LD705_Worship Leadership (3units)
LD707_Leadership Issues (topic varies) (3units)
PT725_Ministry and Technology (3 units)
PT713_Preaching from the Old Testament (3units)
PT714_Preaching from the New Testament (3units)
CE711_Multiple Staff and Team Ministries (3units)
CE721_Life Span Development and Educational Practice (3units)
CE741_Old Testament Ethics (3units)
CE743_New Testament Ethics (3units)
BT711_Advanced Biblical Hermeneutics (3units)

Electives – choose 6 units
BL711_Advanced Greek Grammar (3units)
BL712_Advanced Hebrew Grammar (3units)
OT713_Seminar in Selected Hebrew Old Testament Texts (3units)
NT713_Seminar in Selected Greek New Testament Texts (3units)
CE751_Current Issues in Christian Education (3units)

Dissertation (8units)
DS701_Dissertation for D. Min. (8units)